Invitation to a talk

Irek Defee

On 01.10.2013 at 9:15 (lecture hall nr 118, building C3) prof. Irek Defee from Tampere University of Technology is going to give a talk “Tampere University of Technology, Finland & Project ENGINE”.

Irek Defee talk

Just after, at 10:00 AM in the same room, dr Matteo Magnani from Uppsala University will give a 45-minute talk entitled “Studying socio-technical systems with multiple network models”.


One of the reasons behind the tremendous success of Social Network Analysis (SNA) methods in various research disciplines is a very general and simple graph model that enables the representation and study of extremely heterogeneous scenarios, ranging from workplace dynamics to the spreading of diseases or hyper-text documents in the World Wide Web. While this generality still constitutes a great value, it has recently become apparent that to model specific contexts and to enable accurate analyses it may be important to enrich simple network models with additional modeling constructs representing the complex nature of human relationships.

The talk will be organized in three parts. First, I will briefly present some examples of why it is difficult (and interesting) to study a socio-technical system, in particular some selected on-line social media like Twitter. Then, I will discuss the hypothesis that a single concept of social connection or social network is not sufficient to satisfy the sociability requirements of human beings. Decades before the advent of Social Network Sites this had already been theorized by Goffman and other researchers in social sciences, for which individuals (or actors) perform on multiple stages, creating a sort of sociologically fragmented personality whose different components relate to different audiences (and thus networks). Two specific research areas will be addressed: multiple social network analysis measurement and the formation of multiple interdependent networks.

Bio of the speaker:

Matteo Magnani graduated with honors in Computer Science at the University of Bologna in 2002. He also studied at the Université de Marne la Vallée (undergraduate level) and the Imperial College London (postgraduate research level). In 2006 he obtained a PhD in Computer Science (Bologna) where in 2011 he also graduated with honors in Violin. He has received a Rotary Prize for the best student of the Science Faculty (UniBO), a Best Paper Award at the ASONAM conference in 2011, a Funniest Presentation award at SBP 2010, the French qualification for Maître de Conférence positions, the Italian idoneità for CNR researcher positions, a Best Young Chess Player at a local tournament with two participants and his mother is very proud of him (or at least this is what she officially says). Before joining Uppsala University as a senior lecturer he has held positions at CNR, Italy (third-level researcher – or “ricercatore di ultima”, in Italian), at the University of Bologna, Italy (assistant professor), and at Aarhus University, Denmark (research assistant professor level). His main research interests span Database and Information Management systems, specifically uncertain information management and multidimensional database queries, Network Science and Social Computing. He has written around 1.5 Kg of papers on these topics (when printed on heavy A4 size sheets), and he has an h-index. He has successfully attracted funding from Working Capital (Telecom Italia), PRIN and FIRB (MIUR – Italian Ministry for education, University and Research) schemes.