Matteo Magnani’s talk

Dear All,

I’d like to invite you to the talk given by our guest in the ENGINE project, Dr Matteo Magnani from Uppsala University, Sweden. His second talk (as he gave one on Tuesday) will be on The skyline database operator: recent research trends and applications. The talk will take place tomorrow, on Thursday, at 11:00 AM in bldg. A-1, first floor, room 202 (the entrance through the room 203). It will last for about 1 hour (including discussion).


The skyline operator (aka Pareto front) extracts relevant records from multidimensional databases according to multiple criteria. This operator has received a lot of attention because of its ability to identify the best records in a database without requiring to specify complex parameters like the relative importance of each criterion (as it is done in ranking methods). However, recent attempts to apply the operator to real data analysis tasks have revealed some weaknesses of the original definition. In this presentation he will introduce the skyline operator and discuss some recent research trends related to these weaknesses, including so-called aggregate skyline queries, where the skyline is executed on sets of records instead of single items, and the usage of the operator through visual interfaces.

Bio of the speaker:

Matteo Magnani graduated with honors in Computer Science at the University of Bologna in 2002. He also studied at the Université de Marne la Vallée (undergraduate level) and the Imperial College London (postgraduate research level). In 2006 he obtained a PhD in Computer Science (Bologna) where in 2011 he also graduated with honors in Violin. He has received a Rotary Prize for the best student of the Science Faculty (UniBO), a Best Paper Award at the ASONAM conference in 2011, a Funniest Presentation award at SBP 2010, the French qualification for Maître de Conférence positions, the Italian idoneità for CNR researcher positions, a Best Young Chess Player at a local tournament with two participants and his mother is very proud of him (or at least this is what she officially says). Before joining Uppsala University as a senior lecturer he has held positions at CNR, Italy (third-level researcher – or “ricercatore di ultima”, in Italian), at the University of Bologna, Italy (assistant professor), and at Aarhus University, Denmark (research assistant professor level). His main research interests span Database and Information Management systems, specifically uncertain information management and multidimensional database queries, Network Science and Social Computing. He has written around 1.5 Kg of papers on these topics (when printed on heavy A4 size sheets), and he has an h-index. He has successfully attracted funding from Working Capital (Telecom Italia), PRIN and FIRB (MIUR – Italian Ministry for education, University and Research) schemes.

Radek Michalski