Presentations from the Kick-off Meeting

Below you can find all the presentations from the Kick-off Meeting, we invite you to read


P. Kazienko ENGINE Project Introduction

WP1_P. Brodka

WP2_U. Markowska-Kaczmar

WP3_K. Walkowiak

WP4_M. Wozniak

WP5_J. Sobecki

WP6_J. Sobecki

01_P. Kazienko_Kick Off_Complex_Networks

02_M. Wozniak_Compound classification and stream data analysis-stream

04_J. Sobecki_Natural User Interfaces and Usability Studies

05_H. Kwasnicka_Some issues on mining data and content based images retrieval

06_M. Piaceski_Towards Versatile Language Technology Architecture for Robust Text Content Analysis