WT 1.5 – Communication and reporting to EC

Task Leader: Piotr Bródka, piotr.brodka@pwr.wroc.pl

The PM will be responsible for analysing the results of all project activities and formulating periodic reports on the progress of the project against its objectives and the planned activities. Each Work Package leader in cooperation with respective task leaders will contribute to the reporting process on a 6 monthly basis. The project manager will follow the EC guidelines on the reporting procedures. Over duration of the project 2 periodic reports as well as a final report to the EC will be prepared. Due to the high allocation, each reporting period will be followed by a financial audit. In addition to the obligatory reports to the EC, the Project Manager with RICO assistance will prepare a short summary on the project implementation for each Steering Committee Meeting and a midterm review report for the International Board Meeting. The Project Manager with RICO assistance will be responsible for the audit organization and cooperation with auditors.