WT 1.6 – Scientific Coordinator

Task Leader: Halina Kwaśnica, halina.kwasnicka@pwr.wroc.pl

The role of the Scientific Coordinator (SC) is to take care about the scientific progress of the Project. A number of research groups, which interests are very widespread, are involved in the ENGINE Project. An important part of the ENGINE project are exchange visits of high-level researchers from and to the partner universities. Verification of indicators to measure the efficiency of the secondments towards the project’s objectives will be of particular interest to the scientific coordinator. Scientific Coordinator will cooperate close with WP Leaders, Steering Committee and International Advisory Board to ensure the best scientific achievements. A number of conferences/workshops/seminar/Round Tables are planned within the ENGINE project. Scientific Coordinator will approve their scientific level and influence on the ENGINE goals. Additionally, the scientific coordinator will be responsible for the analysis on how each deliverable (as a part of this deliverable) contributes to the Research Potential increase of WrUT and ensures its sustainability.