WT2.12 – The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands (NIVEL)

Task Leader: Radosław Michalski, radoslaw.michalski@pwr.wroc.pl
NIVEL Coordinator: Robert Verheij, R.Verheij@nivel.nl

Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas:

  • Knowledge and experience transfer from NIVEL to WrUT in the field of activities, procedures and organization of collaboration between the research institution (NIVEL) and industry, including Dutch SMEs, e.g. health care service providers
  • Security, IPR, privacy and social aspects of medical data processing
  • Data pre-processing, unification, anonymization, and integration for analysis
  • Data mining, DSS and their application to large collections of heterogeneous datasets, including processes mining
  • Data quality in knowledge discovery from databases

Incoming visits of the experienced researchers from other countries:
    2 Short-term visits (duration up to 2 weeks)
Outgoing visits of the ENGINE staff members to partnering organization:
    1 Short-term visits (duration up to 2 weeks)
    1 Middle-term visits (duration from 2 weeks to 2 months)

The research cooperation so far has included the TRANSFoRM Integrated Project within FP7.