WT2.6 – European Centre for Soft Computing, Mieres, Spain(ECSC)

Task Leader: Tomasz Kajdanowicz, tomasz.kajdanowicz@pwr.wroc.pl
ECSC Coordinator: Raul del Coso, dir.proyectos@softcomputing.es

Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas:

  • Multiple model machine learning; method evaluation
  • Concept drift; analysis of large data
  • Reasoning for fuzzy systems, fuzzy rule-based systems
  • Classification and regression for networked data
  • Machine learning for distributed environments
  • Classification in biology, forensic anthropology and information retrieval
  • Evolutionary computation, genetic fuzzy systems, ant colony optimization
  • Application of intelligent systems in industry
  • Machine vision, image processing and their application
  • Collaboration between the research centre and industry; innovation transfer to SMEs
  • Experience transfer in the field of the European research centre establishing and management; rising the European and industrial research projects

Incoming visits of the experienced researchers from other countries:
    1 Short-term visits (duration up to 2 weeks)
    1 Long-term visits (duration from 2 to 6 months)
Outgoing visits of the ENGINE staff members to partnering organization:
    2 Middle-term visits (duration from 2 weeks to 2 months)
    1 Long-term visits (duration from 2 to 6 months)

The European Centre for Soft Computing has a very similar profile and history like ENGINE. Its staff members will contribute not only to common research but they will also share their knowledge and experience at building new research centres, raising external funds as well as collaboration with industry. They have a very rich record of transferring knowledge to external entities, in particular companies.