WT3.10 – Workshop on Survivable Content Oriented Networking

Task Leader: Krzysztof Walkowiak, krzystof.walkowiak@pwr.wroc.pl
ENGINE research areas: A4, B1-B6
Duration: 1 day
Estimated no. of participants: 15
No. of events: 2

During conference: The International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modelling (RNDM). One of the key requirements of modern computer networks is survivability. Failures of communication networks are inevitable. Since, professional and private activities more and more rely on these communication services, the consequences of a network failure and therefore service interruption are serious, including economic loses, political conflicts, human health problems, etc. Most of previous research related to network survivability was focused on unicast transmission, since the current Internet architecture, technologies and protocols are designed to point-to-point connectivity (unicast flows). However, numerous new distributed applications and services following from the concept of content oriented networks requiring different connectivity (e.g., multicast, anycast, many-to-many) have emerged. The aim of the workshop is to discuss the new approaches to provide survivability of the content oriented networks.

The workshop will span through 2 sessions (4-5 presentation each). There will be a short presentation of the ENGINE Centre at the beginning of each session. For 8 best papers, the ENGINE Centre will reimburse the conference registration fee, if their authors present the paper during the workshop and will participate in the discussion. For all participants of the conference and the ENGINE Centre staff members, the workshop will be free of charge.