WT3.11 – Workshop on Application of Gaze tracking Methods in Mobile Applications Usability Verification

Task Leader: Janusz Sobecki, janusz.sobecki@pwr.wroc.pl
ENGINE research areas: A7, B3, B4, B5, B6
Duration: 1-2 days
Estimated no. of participants: 20
No. of events: 2 – 2013,2014

During conference: The International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. According to a dynamic growth of popularity of mobile solutions, there is a need to verify the usefulness of the newly introduced solutions. One of the challenges related to the mobile HCI is to increase quality and efficiency of gaze tracking methods directly on mobile devices. The workshop will provide a forum for focused discussions on research in the area of application of gaze tracking in mobile applications and user interface usability. They will offer an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and users with similar interests to exchange ideas, share new findings, and brainstorm future directions.

The workshop will span through 2 sessions (5 presentation each). There will be a short presentation of the ENGINE Centre at the beginning of each session. For 10 best papers, the ENGINE Centre will reimburse the conference registration fee, if their authors present the paper during the workshop and will participate in the discussion. For all participants of the conference and the ENGINE Centre staff members, the workshop will be free of charge.