WT3.12 – Workshop on Machine Vision and Graphics (MaViG)

Task Leader: Halina Kwaśnicka, halina.kwasnicka@pwr.wroc.pl
ENGINE research areas: A6, B1-B6
Duration: 1-2 days
Estimated no. of participants: 20
No. of events: 1

The main scope of the workshop is to train Engine staff in theoretical and computational models related to machine vision and to promote research in application problems. Such applications are robotics, the image processing, analysis and process understanding, digital arts, database image retrieval. The aim of this workshop is to enhance the potential of the ENGINE Centre in the area of computer vision and graphics. The workshop will concentrate on: image processing, scene analysis, modelling and process understanding, image synthesis, including three-dimensional imaging and solid modelling, image models and transformations, visualization and graphical data presentation, diagrammatic knowledge representation and reasoning, modelling of human visual perception, medical image analysis, three-dimensional shape representation and recognition.

To achieve the main goal of the workshop, recognizable and experienced researchers will be invited. Two experts will be attracted and they will give 4 hours presentations/demonstrations/use case analysis each. It means that the workshop will consist of eight hours of lectures plus catering (lunch).

Overall, the workshop is organized for the ENGINE staff, however, it will be open for a limited number of external participants, according to restrictions in the available budget. The workshop will be free of charge for all participants, but their number will be limited.