WT3.6 – Workshop on Interdisciplinary Network Intelligence in Applications

Task Leader: Tomasz Kajdanowicz, tomasz.kajdanowicz@pwr.wroc.pl
ENGINE research areas: B1-B6
Duration: 3-5 days
Estimated no. of participants: 30
No. of events: 1

The goal of the Workshop on Interdisciplinary Network Intelligence in Applications is to present the ENGINE staff the possible applications of network intelligence. Owing to this workshop, the ENGINE members will arrange and increase their knowledge on both how network intelligence can be successfully applied to solve real problems, in particular in industry, governance, management, and different sciences, e.g. in chemistry, biology, sociology, medicine, psychology, anthropology, geography, ecology, transportation.

To achieve it, recognizable and experienced researchers and managers will be invited. Five experts will be attracted and they will give 6 hours presentations/demonstrations use case analysis each. It means that each of five days will consists of six hours of lectures plus catering (lunch).

Overall, the workshop is organized for the ENGINE staff, however, it will be open for limited number of external participants, according to restrictions in the available budget. In particular, some authorities from collaborating companies, SMEs as well as regional and the Polish research unites will be invited to make the ENGINE Centre a visible knowledge transfer hub in the domain of application of the network intelligence solutions.

The workshop will be free of charge for all participants, but their number will be limited. Once the ENGINE project is finished, the workshop can be combined with other workshops (WT 3.4, WT 3.5) and transformed into periodical Summer School on Network Intelligence.