WT3.8 – Workshop on Machine Learning in Life Sciences

Task Leader: Bartosz Krawczyk, bartosz.krawczyk@pwr.wroc.pl
ENGINE research areas: A1, B1, B2, B3
Duration: 1 day
Estimated no. of participants: 20
No. of events: 2 + 2013, 2014

During conference: International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). Life sciences, ranging from biology and genetics to biochemistry and pharmacology have developed rapidly in previous years. Computerization of these domains allowed to gather and store enormous collections of data. An nalysis of such vast amounts of information without any support is impossible for human being. Therefore recently the machine learning and pattern recognition methods have attracted the attention of broad spectrum of experts from life sciences domain. The aim of this workshop is to stress the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration between the life and computer sciences and to provide an international forum for both practitioners seeking new cutting-edge tools for solving their domain problems and theoreticians seeking interesting and real-life applications for their novel algorithms. It will be organised in connection with major European conference concentrated on artificial intelligence and pattern recognition (e.g. the International Conference on Machine Learning). This will allow, for three members of ENGINE, to present the Centre and their research and to learn and discuss the cutting-edge techniques in processing medical/biological data while meeting other experts in the field.

The workshop will span through 2 sessions (5 presentation each). There will be a short presentation of the ENGINE Centre at the beginning of each session. For 10 best papers, the ENGINE Centre will reimburse the conference registration fee, if their authors present the paper during the workshop and will participate in the discussion. For all participants of the conference and the ENGINE Centre staff members, the workshop will be free of charge.