WT4.2 – Prof. Bolesław Szymański – Social and Cognitive Networks Researcher

Task Leader: Radosław Michalski, radoslaw.michalski@pwr.wroc.pl

New researcher employment details:

Researcher : Prof. Bolesław Szymański, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
Position: Social and Semantic Network Analysis Researcher
ENGINE research areas: A2, A5, B1-B6
Duration of employment: 6-12M
Link do artykułu: http://engine.pwr.edu.pl/en/news/146-new-staff-member-prof-boleslaw-k-szymanski

Researcher’s profile:

Professor Szymański received his M.Sc. at Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology in 1973 and Ph.D. at The Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1976. During the years 1979-1982 he was the Head of Division of Information Systems Division at Institute of Scientific, Technical, and Economic Information in Warsaw. Next, he was visiting Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania (1982-1985) and since 1985 Prof. Szymański is affiliated to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. He holds the positions of: Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor (since 2007), Director of ARL NS CTA Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center (since 2009) and Founding Director of Network Science and Technology Center (NeST, since 2010). The list of his awards, honours, activities includes: being Elected Foreign Member of Polish National Academy of Science (since 2009), receiving Wilkes Medal of British Computer Society (in 2009) and William H. Wiley 1866 Distinguished Faculty Award (2003). He is an IEEE fellow since 1999, IEEE Computer Society member since 1982, ACM National Lecturer (1988-89) and Association for Computing Machinery member since 1982. Prof. Szymański is a member of the Board of Governors of International Network Science Society (which awards Erdős Prize and organizes remarkable NetSci events) and faculty consultant to World Economic Forum. Prof. Szymański is (or was): Editor-in-Chief of Scientific Programming (since 2000), Area Editor of SIMULATION: Transactions of The Society for Modeling & Simulation International (2003–2007) and the member of the Editorial Boards of: Computing & Informatics (since 2009), Scalable Computing: Practices & Experience (since 2005), Computer Science Journal, Krakow, Poland (since 2010), Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices (1999-2004). He was a Guest Editor of variety journals: ACM SIGAPP Applied Computing Review (1996), Journal of Parallel Algorithms and Applications (1996) and Scientific Programming (1996, 1998). Prof. Szymański is also the founding editor of IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (starting 2014).

Prof. Szymański is a Founding Director of the Network Science and Technology (NeST) Center started in 2010. The center unites research of the ARL Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center and the RPI Pervasive Computing and Networking Center. The combined research program focuses on fundamental research and engineering of natural and technological networks, ranging from social and cognitive networks to computer networks. He was the Director of the ARL NS CTA Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center (started in 2009, became a part of NeST in 2010). The center has been awarded in the nation-wide competition between multi-campus teams of researchers in 2009 as a part of the ARL Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance. The research team that he led included ten faculty at RPI and 19 professors and researchers at Harvard, MIT, NYU, Indiana, Northeastern, Northwestern, CUNY and IBM.

According to Web of Science, Prof. Szymański was cited more than 590 times and his h-index equals 13. Prof. Szymański edited 5 books, authored or co-authored over a hundred of journal articles, over 20 books’ chapters and more than 200 conference papers.

The current scientific activities of Prof. Szymański are in the subjects of social and cognitive networks and his work is mostly oriented on application of ideas developed in these areas.

Contribution to the ENGINE research potential:

Due to the substantial and world-recognized expertise of Prof. Szymański the ENGINE project will benefit in the field of social and cognitive networks and he will enable to extend the ENGINE research with new perspectives in that field. Using his rich expected experience in collaboration with business, he will deliver a unique possibility for the ENGINE to orient its research to high-tech industry.

The role of the researcher in ENGINE will focus on the following domains:

  • Social network analysis
  • Cognitive networks
  • Discovery and analysis of social communities
  • Dynamics of networks and collaborative user behaviours
  • Structural analysis of networks
  • Analysis of large-scale networks and simulation models
  • Industrial applications of network analyses

In particular, he will be obliged to:

  • Co-authorship of at least 3 JCR listed journal papers with other ENGINE staff members (the sum of journals IF greater than 3)
  • Collaborate with ENGINE members at workshops from WP 3
  • Co-supervise PhD student from WrUT (ENGINE)
  • Editorship of special issues for top ranked (JCR) journals with other ENGINE members
  • Prepare and carry out series of seminars for the ENGINE staff on Network Dynamics and Collective Intelligence