WT4.4 – Vacancy – Complex Networks Analysis Researcher

Task Leader: Piotr Bródka, piotr.brodka@pwr.wroc.pl

New researcher employment details:

Researcher : Vacancy
Position: Complex Networks Analysis Researcher
ENGINE research areas: A2, A3, B1-B6
Duration: 12M

Researcher’s profile:

The researcher should be an expert in carrying out various types of studies related to: the complex network analysis and its application in industry, biology, chemistry, management, marketing, etc. The expert should have Ph.D. for at least 5 years and also significant record of cited publications in the area of network analysis and applications, with impact factor sum at least 10, h-index at least 4. He or she should also be experienced in preparing research project proposals, with the budget of at least 500 000 EUR. The candidate should also have a record of at least 3 international research projects she/he should have been involved in (preferably within the European Framework Programmes).

Contribution to the ENGINE research potential:

In particular, (s)he will be obliged to co-author at least 3 JCR journal papers (the sum of their IF greater than 3) with other ENGINE staff members and to prepare and to carry out series of capacity building activities for the ENGINE staff on the complex network analysis and applications. Additionally, he or she will be engaged in preparation of scientific events organized by ENGINE:

  • Complex network analysis
  • Application of network analysis in various domains
  • Data mining for networks
  • Modelling and analysis of network dynamics