WT4.7 – Vacancy – Human-Computer Interaction Researcher

Task Leader: Janusz Sobecki, janusz.sobecki@pwr.wroc.pl


New researcher employment details:
Researcher : Vacancy
Position: Human-Computer Interaction Researcher
ENGINE research areas: A5, A4, B1-B6
Duration: 24M

Researcher’s profile:

The researcher should be an expert in conducting various types of usability testing, especially using different types of gaze tracking equipment. The main goal of the laboratory leader is obtaining the national certificate in usability testing. The expert should have Ph.D. for at least 5 years and also a significant record of cited publications in the area of usability testing – Impact factor sum 10, h-index 4. The candidate should also have a significant record (at least 6) of the finished usability testing experiments as a leader of the testing group.

Contribution to the ENGINE research potential:

The expert will start a new Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory (WT 5.5). The main tasks are: (1) to prepare the set of testing procedures in the form of documents combined with (2) series of instructions for the laboratory staff in using new equipment and conducting proper experiments using the new equipment. The final goal of the Researcher is to obtain the National and European certificate in usability testing. When the laboratory is certified we are planning to conduct various usability tests mainly for industry (e.g. telecommunications companies) but also for governmental institutions. Thus after the project is over we are planning to maintain the employment of this Researcher, who will also be responsible for the introduction of the new methodologies that will result in at least 4 JCR publications prepared with the ENGINE researchers.