WT4.8 – Vacancy – Experienced Laboratory Technician

Task Leader: Tomasz Kajdanowicz, tomasz.kajdanowicz@pwr.wroc.pl

New technician employment details:

Technician: Vacancy
Position: Experienced Laboratory Technician
Duration: 30M

Technician’s profile:

The experienced laboratory technician should be an expert in maintenance of complex computer laboratories. The main goal of the laboratory technician is to maintain and develop ENGINE laboratories enumerated in WT 5.1 and WT 5.2. The technician should hold MSc degree in computer science for at least 3 years and also has at least 3 year experience in computer laboratory maintenance and supervision, including large scale mainframes and cloud / grid computing.

Contribution to the ENGINE research potential:

The laboratory technician will be assisting in upgrading of the Distributed Computing and Data Mining Laboratory (WT 5.2) and to establish a new Complex Networks and Massive Data Analysis Laboratory (WT 5.1). In particular his or her main tasks include: (1) to prepare detailed orders (documents) for new equipment (2) supervise installation of new equipment and software, (3) assist researchers in their research within the ENGINE laboratories within the project duration, (4) presentation of laboratories for external visitors.