WT5.3 – Upgrade of Teleinformatics and Computer Network Laboratory

Task Leader: Krzysztof Walkowiak, krzysztof.walkowiak@pwr.wroc.pl

The laboratory upgrade is devoted to make a wide range of simulation experiments focused on the content oriented networking approaches as well as to verify optimization models and algorithms proposed for various tasks related to network design problems. The main research tool will be OPNET Modeler equipped with additional modules, e.g. MPLS, Flow Analysis, etc. Currently, OPNET provides a free licence of their software for research purposes in University Program. However, since OPNET maintenance for University Program is not free, we would like to purchase the OPNET Maintenance for University Program for two consecutive years. According to OPNET, they do not disclose the price of their software unless they receive the official online application from you. Once the application is approved, they send a quote. Therefore, we estimated the cost according to prices of commercial OPNET software and according to pricing policy in university programs of other vendors. Additionally, optimization environments including IBM ILOG CPLEX and Gurobi will be applied to solve Integer Linear Programs and other optimization problems. Both software (i.e., CPLEX and Gurobi) are free licensed for research purposes. It should be underlined that both solvers are currently used in our research team to solve various optimization problems related to computer networks.