WT6.1 – Increasing ENGINE visibility through Web 2.0

Task Leaders: Łukasz Augustyniak lukasz.augustyniak@pwr.wroc.pl, Włodzimierz Tuligłowicz wlodzimierz.tuliglowicz@pwr.wroc.pl

Launching and maintaining the ENGINE Centre website. It will be launched in the 3rd month of the project and it will be gradually updated and upgraded during the project. Furthermore, the website will be used as a platform for general promotional activities. The promotion of the research activities and achievements will be performed via blogs coordinated by the researchers involved in the project and therefore we would like to create the profiles in well recognized social networks as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+. Additionally the website will contain continuously updated rich multimedia content, from different scientific and promotional events. One of the main tasks will be creation of section which will be dedicated to industrial partners as well as for general promotional activities. It will include information about offers and events for industrial partners. The promotion activities will use a social networking services like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.