WT6.3 – Workshops ‘Transfer of ideas – together is always better than on your own’

Task Leader: Krzysztof Walkowiak, krzystof.walkowiak@pwr.wroc.pl
Thematic area: Technology transfer, collaboration with industry, commercialization of research results, industrial project management
Duration: 2 days
Estimated no. of participants: 50 – ENGINE Centre research staff, representatives of industry, private and public sector, local authorities, R&D units, external organizations involved in research and innovations
No. of events: 2

This work task aims at creating an annual workshop for both scientific and industrial partners about the problem of transferring the technology from research units to the industry. In Poland still the collaboration between universities and industry is not as strong as it should be. This leads to the situation where novel and excellent research ideas stay in a purely theoretical area, without the possibility of useful real-life applications. At the same time industry relies on out-of-date technologies, not realising that there are many minor and major breakthroughs in relevant fields. Therefore in the ENGINE Centre we would like to raise awareness about this problem. The ENGINE Centre puts a very strong emphasis on the collaboration with industry, especially with SME’s. With this comes the importance of sharing the knowledge with our partners. This workshop will allow to promote the importance of joint research between universities and industrial companies and to distribute the good practices coming from such joint projects. An emphasis will be put on the problem of commercialization of research results – how to efficiently turn theoretical ideas into a successful industrial application.