WT6.5 – Establishment of the new Research and Industrial Cooperation Office

Task Leader: Piotr Bródka, piotr.brodka@pwr.wroc.pl
Research and Industrial Cooperation Office (RICO) will be a significant milestone of the ENGINE Project enhancing the capacity of the Centre in the following fields: fostering the cooperation with industry, knowledge transfer, supporting the innovation development, intellectual property rights, potential applications to FP7/Horizon 2020 and other funds/programmes, project realization and management.
Responsibilities of RICO in the ENGINE Centre:

  • fostering the cooperation with industry,
  • providing expertise and supporting the technology transfer process, technical applications, commercialization schemes,
  • developing industrial collaboration schemas
  • providing expertise on IPR, knowledge transfer, patenting issues,
  • recognizing financial possibilities (Framework Programmes, structural funds, other programmes and grants) for cooperation scheme research – industry and application projects,
  • supporting preparation of common research projects with industrial partners,
  • monitoring the priorities of innovation policies and strategies at the national and international level;
  • providing expertise in the financial and administrative issues, supporting project coordinator and project manager in financial and administrative issues

Additional responsibilities of RICO in the ENGINE Project:

  • supporting the performance and managing of the WP 6: organization of Seminars and Workshops, preparation of the catalogue with offers for the industry,
  • Support the Project Manager in the administrative and financial issues as: legal and financial assistance to the Project Coordinator and to the Project Manager, verification of costs eligibility according to the FP7 financial rules, preparation and submission of FORMs C as well as justifications of costs, cooperation with the external auditor in the process of the preparation of financial statements to the EC, collection of documents related to the project.

The staff of RICO will consist of:

  • One newly recruited Innovation and Industrial cooperation Manager responsible for developing new ways of patent protection, creating spin-off/spin-out, enriching the collaboration with industry, knowledge transfer assisting in all WP 6 activities to ensure that the ENGINE innovation character is properly visible. This person will be employed (using project finds) for the duration of 30 months. When the project is over Manager will be founded by other projects. The number of new projects will be one of the indicators of Manager’s effectiveness.
  • One person from the ENGINE Centre delegated to assist PM during the execution of WP 1 and WP 7 tasks