Engine Centre on the ASONAM 2014 Conference

 ASONAM Conference in 2014 took place in Beijing, China between 17 and 20 of August. There were seven representatives of Engine project on the conference:

  • Przemysław Kazienko
  • Bolesław Szymański
  • Reda Alhajj
  • Piotr Bródka
  • Radosław Michalski
  • Włodzimierz Tuligłowicz
  • Łukasz Augustyniak

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During the ASONAM 2014 researcher members of the Engine project had opportunities to meet new people from all around the world from scientific fields such as: social network analysis, sentiment analysis and others, and listen and talk to them about their work.

On the first day of ASONAM took place the SNAA (Social Network Analysis in Applications) workshop, sponsored by the Engine Centre project, and chaired by Engine’s project manager Dr. Piotr Bródka. 10 papers were presented in the SNAA and the average number of listeners was around 20. In the workshop there were two papers presented by Bolesław Szymański and Radosław Michalski – members of the Engine project. Also during the first day the third paper was presented by Łukasz Augustyniak, also a member of the Engine Centre. Łukasz’s presentation was given on the TULIP workshop.

Full list of presented paper by Engine project members:

  • Chen M., Kuzmin K. and Szymanski B., Extension of Modularity Density for Overlapping Community Structure
  • Michalski R., Jankowski J., Bródka P., Kazienko P., The Same Network – Different Communities? The Multidimensional Study of Groups in the Cyberspace.
  • Augustyniak L., Kajdanowicz T., Szymański P., Tuliglowicz W., Kazienko P., Alhajj R., Szymanski B.: Simpler is better? Lexicon Based Sentiment Classification Beats Supervised Methods.

(underline- presenter, bold- representative)

The second day of the conference started by the official opening of the ceremony during which prof. Reda Alhajj, the steering committee chair welcomed all the guests, and described the mail goals of the conference.

Also on the second day of the conference one of the sessions: Community Detection & Analysis (II) was chaired by dr Piotr Bródka.

One of the last events that day was a panel discussion under the topic: “Influence in social networking and its effective analysis and mining in the era of electronic communication”. The discussion was moderated by prof. Bolesław Szymański, and one of the panelists was prof. Przemysław Kazienko.

On the last, fourth day of the conference prof. Przemysław Kazienko have chaired one of the sessions by the name of “Agent, Sentiment and Label Analysis”.