Lower Silesia Voucher for Innovation

On 11th December 2014 at the Mercure Hotel in Wroclaw were organized by the Office of the Marshal of Lower Silesia and Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer (WCTT) conference summarizing the “Lower Silesia Voucher for Innovation”. The aim of the program was to promote cooperation between academia and business in research and development. Under the program, 303 vouchers were distributed, of which two were carried out by scientists gathered around the ENGINE Project and the companies Brand24 and Time Solution. Summing up the program WCTT representative characterized industries which were involved in the project and pointed out that research centers were selected by the Entrepreneurs frequently. Among the sectors of the economy led mechanical/electrical engineering/electrical industries which were awarded nearly 60 Vouchers. The IT industry took 5th place, awarded a nearly 30 Vouchers. However, among the fields of science computer science took second place with over 60 vouchers giving place only mechanics/construction and operation of machinery/automation and robotics, which received nearly 90 Vouchers. In the section of the next financial perspective 2014-2020 the Marshal’s Office staff presented the plans for special programs which will particularly support the cooperation between academia and business.