Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning

Department of Systems and Computer Networks and ENGINE project organize the International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning (IDEAL). The event will have place in Wroclaw University of Technology from 14th till 16th October 2015r. IDEAL is an annual international conference dedicated to emerging and challenging topics in intelligent data analysis, data mining and their associated learning systems and paradigms. Its core themes include: the Big Data challenges, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Management, Bio- and Neuro-Informatics, Bio-Inspired Models (including Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation and Swarm Intelligence), Agents and Hybrid Intelligent Systems, and Real-world Applications of Intelligent Techniques. Other related and emerging themes and topics are also welcome. During the conference the leading researchers as Prof. Xin Yao (Birmingham University, UK), Prof. Leszek Rutkowski (Politechniki Częstochowska), Prof. Vaclava Snasel  (VSB Technical University, Ostrava Czech Republic), Prof. Jerzy Stefanowski (Politechnika Poznańska) and Prof. Manuel Grana (University of the Basque Country and visiting professor in ENGINE project) will have the plenary talks. More information you can find