The Second European Network Intelligence Conference 2015

We are more and more surrounded by different kinds of networks, interconnected systems and vast amounts of interrelated data. Various web collaborative portals, blogs, wikis, video publishing services (youtube), ecommerce sites (eBay), social networking sites (Facebook) sensor networks, smart phones users exchanging multimedia as well as IT systems collaborating with one another in most organisations are good example of networks that require new adequate analytical methods.

The aim of the annual European Network Intelligence Conference (ENIC) is to create an open premier forum to exchange knowledge and experience as well as to discuss recent advances, theories, and techniques related to both various types of networks and intelligent analytical computational methods. The second edition of Network Intelligence Conference took place in Karlskrona, Sweden in September 21-22, 2015.

Every edition of the conference will focus on only few selected more specific scientific domains – tracks. The second event included two such tracks: Social network and social media analysis, and Intelligent Methods for Optimization of Communication Networks. The tracks brought together the research groups from the specified disciplines, along with many of the e-commerce companies interested in applications of the intelligent tools in their products. The track enabled researchers and practitioners to present their latest research and identify challenges in recommendation systems. The special interest was focused on the design cooperation platform for academia and industry.

The main goal of the first European Network Intelligence Conference is to discuss the problems of application of interconnected systems and interrelated data. These problems are also discussed in the papers presented in this proceedings.

Each submitted paper received from 2 to 5 reviews (avg. 3,24) an after thorough reviewing proses twenty-five papers were accepted for publication and presentation at ENIC 2015: seventeen full papers and eight short papers.

Four well-known scientists in the filed were invited as keynote speakers for the conference. Jennifer Neville, Purdue University, USA, Matteo Magnani, Uppsala University, Sweden, Jacek Rak, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, Felix S. Wu, UC Davis, USA.

Many thanks to all participants, to the authors who submitted papers and to all PC members who invested their valuable time and effort to provide timely and comprehensive reviews.

The first three editions of ENIC are sponsored by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, Coordination and Support Action, ENGINE – European research centre of Network intelliGence for INnovation Enhancement.