ENGINE received 9 grants from National Science Centre

Nine young and experienced scientists employed in the ENGINE centre have recently received research grants for their teams from The Polish National Science Centre.

(1) four are for the experienced reserchers (Opus programme), Principal Investigators: Przemyslaw Kazienko (ENGINE coordinator), Bogdan Cyganek (recruited researcher), Jaroslaw Jankowski (recruited researcher), and Miroslaw Klinkowski (recruited researcher)

(2) two are for young post-docs (Sonata programme): Piotr Brodka and Tomasz Kajdanowicz

(3) the last three are for PhD students (Preludium programme): Michał Aibin, Łukasz Augustyniak and Piotr Szymański.

Their total value is about 2.8 M PLN equivalent to ca. 650 k EUR.

Details are available at https://ncn.gov.pl/konkursy/wyniki/2016-11-14-opus11-preludium11-sonata11-polonez2?language=en, see panel HS4, ST6 and ST7 and the appropriate schema/call.