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Work Packages

Engine project consists of these work packages: Work Package 1 – Management Work Package 2 – Twinning Activities Work Package 3 – Conferences Work Package 4 – Employment Work Package 5 – Equipment Work Package 6 – Visibility and Collaboration Work Package 7 – Evaluation

WT5.1 – Establishment of a New Complex Networks and Massive Data Analysis Laboratory

Task Leader: Radosław Michalski, This new central laboratory will be integrated (via efficient network connections) with other laboratories within and outside ENGINE. The main purpose of this laboratory is to provide advanced and powerful computing resources (8-12 efficient blade servers) for complex analyses, simulation and modelling research projects performed in

WT2.6 – European Centre for Soft Computing, Mieres, Spain(ECSC)

Task Leader: Tomasz Kajdanowicz, tomasz.kajdanowicz@pwr.wroc.plECSC Coordinator: Raul del Coso, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Multiple model machine learning; method evaluation Concept drift; analysis of large data Reasoning for fuzzy systems, fuzzy rule-based systems Classification and regression for networked data Machine

WT2.7 – BTH – Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden (BTH)

Task Leader: Krzysztof Juszczyszyn, krzysztof.juszczyszyn@pwr.wroc.plBTH Coordinator: Henric Johnson, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Cooperation between academia and industry in the domain of network intelligence; BTH has long tradition and much experience in collaboration with industry, in particular with telecoms (e.g.

WT 1.4 – Project coordination

Task Leader: Przemysław Kazienko, International Advisory Board is an independent, advisory committee. Its meetings will be organized three times during the project. Meetings will be chaired by the Project Coordinator; however invitation of members, drafting the minutes and other logistical issues will be conducted by PM with the support

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