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Work Packages

Engine project consists of these work packages: Work Package 1 – Management Work Package 2 – Twinning Activities Work Package 3 – Conferences Work Package 4 – Employment Work Package 5 – Equipment Work Package 6 – Visibility and Collaboration Work Package 7 – Evaluation

WT6.5 – Establishment of the new Research and Industrial Cooperation Office

Task Leader: Piotr Bródka, piotr.brodka@pwr.wroc.plResearch and Industrial Cooperation Office (RICO) will be a significant milestone of the ENGINE Project enhancing the capacity of the Centre in the following fields: fostering the cooperation with industry, knowledge transfer, supporting the innovation development, intellectual property rights, potential applications to FP7/Horizon 2020 and other

WT4.7 – Vacancy – Human-Computer Interaction Researcher

Task Leader: Janusz Sobecki, THIS JOB OFFER IS UNAVAILABLE. New researcher employment details: Researcher : Vacancy Position: Human-Computer Interaction Researcher ENGINE research areas: A5, A4, B1-B6 Duration: 24M Researcher’s profile: The researcher should be an expert in conducting various types of usability testing, especially using different types of gaze

WT2.1 – Kings College London, Department of Informatics, London, UK (KCL)

Task Leader: Piotr Bródka piotr.brodka@pwr.wroc.plKCL Coordinator: Katarzyna Musiał, visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Modelling of social networks dynamics, including analysis of temporal social networks, development of new measures for network evolution Analysis of medical, biological, chemical network data – comparative studies

WT2.17 – The Informatics & Telematics Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece (ITI)

Task Leader: Jerzy Sas, Coordinator: Ioannis (Yiannis) Kompatsiaris, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Development methods of image retrieval Semantic multimedia analysis Automatic image annotations using knowledge structures and reasoning The valuable aspects of the cooperation will be: Acquiring knowledge

WT4.8 – Vacancy – Experienced Laboratory Technician

Task Leader: Tomasz Kajdanowicz, New technician employment details: Technician: Vacancy Position: Experienced Laboratory Technician Duration: 30M Technician’s profile: The experienced laboratory technician should be an expert in maintenance of complex computer laboratories. The main goal of the laboratory technician is to maintain and develop ENGINE laboratories enumerated in WT

WT2.2 – University of Piraeus, The Department of Digital Systems Piraeus, Greece (UPIR)

Task Leader: Przemysław Kazienko, przemyslaw.kazienko@pwr.wroc.plUPIR Coordinator: Demetrios G Sampson, sampson@unipi.grCelem wzajemnych wizyt jest zwiększenie potencjału badawczego Centrum ENGINE w następujących obszarach: Intelligent systems in e-learning Data analysis about student behaviour Social aspects of network intelligence; life-long learning Enhanced learning systems Experience transfer in collaboration between academia and industry, in particular

WT6.3 – Workshops ‘Transfer of ideas – together is always better than on your own’

Task Leader: Krzysztof Walkowiak, krzystof.walkowiak@pwr.wroc.plThematic area: Technology transfer, collaboration with industry, commercialization of research results, industrial project management Duration: 2 days Estimated no. of participants: 50 – ENGINE Centre research staff, representatives of industry, private and public sector, local authorities, R&D units, external organizations involved in research and innovations No.

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