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WT3.7 – Workshop on Nonstationary Models of Pattern Recognition and Classifier Combinations under the framework

Task Leader: Michał Woźniak, michal.wozniak@pwr.wroc.plENGINE research areas: A1, B1-B6 Duration: 1 day Estimated no. of participants: 25 No. of events: 1 This workshop will be held in the conjunction with the International Conference of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems HAIS. The progress of computer science has caused that many institutions collected

WT2.10 – Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieur en Informatique et Génie des Télécommunications, Fontainebleau, France (ESIGETEL)

Task Leader: Michał Woźniak, michal.wozniak@pwr.wroc.plESIGETEL Coordinator: prof. Katarzyna Wegrzyn-Wolska, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Decision support systems especially for medicine Medical data analysis and mining Data fusion Remote patient monitoring using mobile applications Information Retrieval Text and opinion mining, sentiment

WT2.9 – University of Bradford, Bradford, UK (UBRA)

Task Leader: Urszula Markowska-Kaczmar, urszula.markowska-kaczmar@pwr.wroc.plUBRA Coordinator: Daniel Neagu, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Investigation, modelling and solution of real-world scheduling and optimisation problems in partnership with commercial, scientific and governmental collaborators Investigation of tailored and general-purpose models, algorithms, heuristics, metaheuristics

WT4.1 – prof. Reda Alhajj – Complex Network Analysis and Mining Researcher

Task Leader: Przemysław Kazienko, New researcher employment details: Researcher: Prof. Reda Alhajj, Uniwersytet w Calgary, Alberta, KanadaPosition: Complex Network Analysis and Mining ResearcherDuration of employment: 12MLink do artykułu: Researcher’s profile: Prof. Reda Alhajj received his B.Sc. degree in Computer engineering in 1988 from Middle East Technical University, Ankara,

WT3.9 – Workshop on Solving Classification Problems Embedded in the Nature of Data

Task Leader: Bartosz Krawczyk, bartosz.krawczyk@pwr.wroc.plENGINE research areas: A1, B1, B2 Duration: 1 day Estimated no. of participants: 20 No. of events: 1 During The World Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing (NABIC) conference. One of the main challenges for the machine learning algorithms are problems arising from the nature

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