WT5.4 – Laboratory of Intelligent bio-medical signal analysis

Lab Name

Laboratory of Intelligent bio-medical signal analysis



Wrocław University of Technology, building C3,room 03


Laboratory manager, Contact



Lab purpose

Measurement and analysis of multimodal biosignals (EMG, MMG, EEG, ECG).

Analysis of algorithms of dexterous artificial hand control via recognition of subject’s intent, needed for control of hand bioprosthetic.

Analysis of algorithms for the computer aided training of the plasticity of sensorimotor cortex in bilateral upper limb congenital human amputations (before the upper extremity transplantation).


Equipment (or being planned)

A set of probes, sensors, and transducers of uni and multimodal biosignals.

A set of biostimulation accessories.

Converters and interfaces for computer acquisition of measurement data and for control of biostimulation elements.

Workstation with stream processors.

Computational and simulation software.


Current works/research

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Planned works/research

Biomedical signal acquisition and computer controlled patient stimulation.

Research on approaches of human to computer integration, research on methods of physiological signals registration aiming at a patient’s state recognition and proper interpretation of the wish of a disabled patient who cannot use their natural senses to interact.

Research on stimulation of the disordered cerebral cortex parts.


The planned development


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Coming soon