WT5.5 – Laboratory of Human-Computer Interaction

Lab Name

Laboratory of Human-Computer Interaction



Wrocław University of Technology, Building D-21, 337


Laboratory manager, Contact

prof. Janusz Sobecki


tel. 71 3204782


Lab purpose

In this laboratory research on various areas of HCI is conducted, for example: user modelling, natural interfaces implementation, usability evaluation of web, touch and gesture based interfaces, mobile applications usability testing and the use of modern technologies such as eye tracking, augmented reality and 3D displays.


Equipment (or being planned)

The equipment purchased under the ENGINE project:

  • Mobile eye tracker – Tobii X-2 60
  • 3D eye tracking glasses – SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2W
  • Stationary eye tracker – Tobii TX 300
  • Interactive floor
  • Interactive wall
  • Emotive EEG
  • EEG VarioLab
  • Thermal imaging camera – Optris OPTPI 400


Other equipment:

  • Augmented reality glasses – Vuzix Star 1200 XLD
  • Kinect and Asus Xtion motion sensors
  • 3D TV with multitouch surface– Samsung UE55F8500
  • 3D projector – Epson EHTW6100W
  • Touch screens


Current works/research

  • Usability evaluation of websites and mobile applications
  • Application of eye tracking as the input device for PC
  • Eye tracking of visual media
  • Recognition of gestures from interaction with touchscreens
  • Examination of kinetic eye tracking interfaces
  • Tracking user gestures in kinetic interaction


Planned works/research

  • Eye tracking research for mobile devices
  • Web-based systems usability evaluation with the use of EEG
  • Eye-tracking evaluation of 3D images


The planned development

We are planning to receive the certificate for our laboratory in the area of usability testing of web, mobile and natural interfaces.