WT5.5 – Laboratory of Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction

Lab Name

Laboratory of Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction



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Laboratory manager, Contact

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Lab purpose

The lab is intended for research in intelligent techniques of man-machine interaction, in particular related to the analysis and automatic recognition of speech, sound analysis and 3D graphic presentations


Equipment (or being planned)

  • Speech samples recording station with studio-quality microphone AudioTechnica AT-4040, wireless microphone set Shure BLX14/PGA31 and professional external audio interface Lexicon IO22
  • 3D Studio Max workstation with double GP-GPU cards for 3D models preparing and for research related to advanced 3D visualization (planned)
  • Polish speech synthesis software for the sake or ASR-related research (planned)
  • Pascal Supercomputer T4iX2 parallel processing server with triple PG-GPU nVidia-Tesla K20m


Current works/research

  • Building speech samples corpus for the sake of experimenting with acoustic models construction methods
  • Application of deep learning neural networks in automatic speech recognition


Planned works/research

  • Application of massive parallelism in building of acoustic models for ASR
  • Research in acoustic models adaptation with neural networks
  • Breath and caught sounds analysis and its application in patients and elderly people monitoring
  • Application of massive parallelism in ultra-photorealistic rendering and lighting simulation
  • Visual surface properties modelling with procedural textures
  • Vector image analysis for the sake of automatic document and image understanding


The planned development

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