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WP 7 – Evaluation

WP 7. Evaluation of the ENGINE research potential Lider pakietu zadań nr 7: Przemysław Kazienko, The International Expert Committee, composed of 3 experts, appointed by the European Commission will evaluate the research capacity of the ENGINE Centre and will assess its scientific expertise and the potential for the future

WP5 – Equipment

WP 5. Capacity building through acquisition, development and upgrading of research equipment In order to assure innovation increase in ENGINE it is necessary to upgrade the old and acquire new laboratories equipment. Work Package 5 is focused on the acquisition, development and upgrading equipment, which will constitute laboratory background of

WP4 – Employment

WP 4. Reinforcing the ENGINE research potential by the recruitment of experienced researchers The work package aims at reinforcing the human capacity of the ENGINE Centre by recruitment of 7 experienced researchers for the total duration of 108 months and 1 engineer for 30 months. Tasks of the WP 4

WP3 – Conferences

WP 3. Enhancing expertise and exchanging know-how through international workshops and conferences Facilitation of knowledge sharing as well as raising the visibility of the ENGINE Centre in the scientific environment were indicated as the main objectives of FP7. In total, two conferences will be organized, as well as 11 workshops

WP2 – Twinning Activities

WP2. Enhancing expertise and exchanging know-how through twinning activities with partnering organizations WP2 leader: Urszula Markowska-Kaczmar, The WP 2 is aiming at the establishment of a long term collaboration with 17 leading European research institutions from 11 European countries active in the research areas complementary to those of the

WP1 – Project Management

WP 1. Project Management WP1 Leader: Piotr Bródka The Project Manager (PM) will be directly involved in the day-to-day management activities. PM will be supported by Project secretariat in all administrative, financial and reporting activities. Responsibility for performance of the work packages will be transferred to Work Package leaders (WP

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