WP1 – Project Management

WP 1. Project Management

WP1 Leader: Piotr Bródka piotr.brodka@pwr.wroc.pl

The Project Manager (PM) will be directly involved in the day-to-day management activities. PM will be supported by Project secretariat in all administrative, financial and reporting activities. Responsibility for performance of the work packages will be transferred to Work Package leaders (WP leaders) who will coordinate the work of Task leaders. The contractual responsibility for the project rests with the Project Coordinator (PC). All strategic decisions on the project will be made by the Steering Committee consisting of WP leaders, PM and PC. International Advisory Board (IAB) will present the recommendations on strategic research directions to ensure the sustainable development of the Centre and will make suggestions to improve to the project performance. Additionally Research and Industrial Cooperation Office (RICO) (WT 6.5) will be created which will include one person involved in project management and one new, recruited person responsible for the industrial cooperation and knowledge transfer (see WT 6.5 for details).

Descriptions of tasks: