WP3 – Conferences

WP 3. Enhancing expertise and exchanging know-how through international workshops and conferences

Facilitation of knowledge sharing as well as raising the visibility of the ENGINE Centre in the scientific environment were indicated as the main objectives of FP7. In total, two conferences will be organized, as well as 11 workshops of the duration of 1-3 days, 5 workshops (duration: 1-5 days) covering diverse subjects from Network Intelligence research area.

Knowledge enhancement of the ENGINE researchers will be also achieved through the participation at international scientific conferences. The participation at the conferences abroad will be active. i.e., each participation must be associated with a presentation including the most recent research results or chairing of the conference, workshop or specific session.

The main objectives for the workshops and conferences are as follows:

  • providing comprehensive knowledge to the ENGINE staff about the state-of-the-art and methodology in Network Intelligence
  • identifying potential ENGINE expertise in a crucial area of global scientific interest
  • identifying what skills and knowledge available at the ENGINE can be used for providing new industrial applications
  • identifying the links between current research projects at the ENGINE and their potential applications in the industry
  • establishing relationships with industrial and scientific partners for future cooperation
  • establishing collaboration between the ENGINE and the international teams and institutions working within the Network Intelligence area.

Once the ENGINE project is over, we hope that the European Workshop on Network Intelligence (ENI) brand will be recognized worldwide and we will be able to transform it a conference.

We would like to aggregate and continue three one-time workshops (WT 3.4, WT 3.5 and WT 3.6) in the form of a single Summer School on Network Intelligence, after the ENGINE project is finished. It is supposed to be annually repeated.

Descriptions of tasks: