WP4 – Employment

WP 4. Reinforcing the ENGINE research potential by the recruitment of experienced researchers

The work package aims at reinforcing the human capacity of the ENGINE Centre by recruitment of 7 experienced researchers for the total duration of 108 months and 1 engineer for 30 months. Tasks of the WP 4 include the following activities:

  • Announcement of the vacancies on the ENGINE website
  • Selection of candidates on the basis of their CVs, and in particular their publications, research plans and recommendations. The final decision will be made by the respective task leader after consultations with the WP 4 leader and project coordinator
  • Preparation and signing of the contracts
  • Elaboration of the research action plans for each employed researcher prepared jointly by the task leader and the recruited researcher
  • Evaluation of the researchers performed by the task leader in cooperation with the project coordinator every 12 months

Each recruited researcher in conjunction with the ENGINE Centre staff, will be obliged to prepare and submit their research results for publication in prestigious JCR journal (with Impact Factor > 1), at least one per 6 months. Success of the activity will be determined by the extension of the employment after completing the project.

Salaries offered to foreign researchers are comparable to the wages in the best European research centres and therefore relatively higher than the average PM at the ENGINE Centre. To sustain the salaries at the level indicated in the project after the ENGINE project completion the ENGINE staff and the recruited researchers will be encouraged to apply for funding within the European Framework Programs as well as within other research funding schemes. Moreover, involvement of regional authorities in the International Advisory Board as well as actions aiming at raising the awareness of the importance of Network Intelligence may result in a higher expenditure for research in the regional strategies.

Additionally we would like to hire one technician/engineer to maintain and develop the ENGINE laboratories enumerated in WT 5.3 and WT 5.5.

The recruitment process will be held according to the Polish law and EC regulations, (Even in WT 4.1 and WT 4.2)

Descriptions of tasks: