WP5 – Equipment

WP 5. Capacity building through acquisition, development and upgrading of research equipment

In order to assure innovation increase in ENGINE it is necessary to upgrade the old and acquire new laboratories equipment. Work Package 5 is focused on the acquisition, development and upgrading equipment, which will constitute laboratory background of ENGINE. The main objective of upgrading the equipment for the project is to provide a base to support the research and innovation potential of the centre as a whole. The development of infrastructure, and therefore the scope of the research activities undertaken by ENGINE will enable closer cooperation with the industrial partners.

A detailed plan for the acquisition, development and upgrading of the research equipment for each laboratory is described within separate tasks. Some equipment in WT 5.1 and WT5.2 may overlap but the main reason to have two separate laboratories with partially similar equipment are different purposes of them both. The research carried out within Complex Networks and Massive Data Analysis Laboratory (WT5.1) will focus on massive data analysis, extraction useful patterns from data etc. It will be information-oriented. On the other hand, the upgraded Distributed Computing and Data Mining Laboratory (WT5.2) will host experiments on low level distributed and parallel processing including adaptation of hardware configuration, efficiency analysis etc. This will be processing-oriented research. For that reason, these both laboratories and their equipment have to be separated. Additional details are given in appropriate work task descriptions.

According to the Polish regulations (Public Procurement Act), the public procurement procedure has to be followed if the value of purchase exceeds 14 000 EUR, so all the equipment suppliers in ENGINE project will be selected according to the criterion of the best value for money (best price-quality ratio), under conditions of transparency and equal treatment, consistent with Polish law regulations (Public Procurement Act) and internal WrUT regulations specified in the document “Rules of the public procurement procedure at Wrocław University of Technology” signature ZW 43/2010. Task leaders will be involved in the preparation of the Specification of Contract Basic Terms and Conditions as well as in the selection of the suppliers. As a result of all the activities undertaken within this Work Package the indicated equipment shall be installed in the ENGINE laboratories.

We certify that the purchased equipment will be installed at WrUT research laboratories and will not be used for commercial purposes.

Descriptions of tasks: