WP6 – Visibility and Collaboration

WP 6. Increasing the ENGINE Centre visibility and activity directed towards collaboration and innovations

Visibility of the WrUT as well as knowledge regarding the Network Intelligence in Poland have to be extended. Therefore, our responsibility to share knowledge within the society and the European research context. To ensure the increased promotion of Network Intelligence and the ENGINE Centre, certain dissemination and promotional activities will be undertaken. We address our promotion to various target groups: researchers, students, the society (incl. schools), local/regional/state authorities as well as industry. We would like to increase the competitive advantage of the EU by spreading knowledge and building international collaboration worldwide, especially at the EU level. Promotion activities will aim at better integration in the EU research disseminating and transferring project as well as research results in and to other European countries. Our essential task is to attract students and young scientists to develop their academic career and conduct interdisciplinary research in the WrUT. In order to facilitate communication between a scientific and non-scientific community, we suggest 10 tasks contributing to the dissemination of our scientific achievements, increasing the visibility of the research activities as well as improving the socio-economic needs of the country and the EU. It is worth mentioning that the ENGINE idea is already becoming visible in the Industrial area – several companies have declared their interest in starting an active collaboration with Centre members (see the Appendix III for details).

The ENGINE cooperation with industry requires improvement especially in the field of solution deployment. Only a few projects have been realized together with industrial partners and even fewer were implemented in industry. During SWOT analysis we identified that probably WrUT has shortage of employees with experience in deployment of research results into industry. We would like to improve the efficiency of cooperation with industrial partners essentially by:

  • promotion activities among enterprises which should increase the visibility of ENGINE Centre as a competent and reliable project partner,
  • organizing regular meetings and workshops, industrial days and twining events which could help finding industrial or research partner for a project,
  • proposition of cooperation model between the ENGINE Centre and industry,
  • instructing ENGINE Centre staff how to protect and sell their intellectual property,
  • creating mechanism of active searching industrial partners to projects realized by the ENGINE Centre.

The very important element of this Work Package is to establish the professional management body within the ENGINE Centre, which will be committed to the management of collaboration with external entities, and to the permanent promotion of the ENGINE research.

Descriptions of tasks: