Dr Ricardo Colomo-Palacios visit

Ricardo-TwinningDayDr Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, faculty member of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, visited Wrocław University of Technology, Poland, in the period from 2014-03-24 to 2014-03-28 to discuss joint research opportunities and take part in the ENGINE project activities.
The main research topic discussed was the network intelligence, especially in the area of human resources management. Dr. Colomo-Palacios talked about it with ENGINE team members and both parties agreed that this area will be intensivelly exploited, since it has a rich potential.
Dr Colomo-Palacios gave a talk about the cooperation between universities and business during the Twinning Day organized on 26th of March where he shared his experience in this area as well as the general practices in Spain. As an example he presented the case of the project for Santander Bank with regard to Chairs of Excellence as a funding scheme for top researchers at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid along with other national and international funding initiatives.

Dr Colomo-Palacios also agreed to take part in the recording for the ENGINE promotional video which goal is to promote the scientific cooperation and this video was recorded during his visit.
Starting from April 2014 Dr. Ricardo Colomo-Palacios will be affiliated at the Østfold University College in Norway on a position of full Professor. Still he will be involved in the ENGINE project activities, since he is a member of Advisory Board. Moreover, Dr. Colomo-Palacios succeeded in signing the agreement between Wrocław University of Technology and Østfold University College which will allow both universities to benefit from the EEA Grants! Thanks to that, Wrocław University of Technology will be also able to sign similar agreements with other Norwegian universities for the next academic year as well as starting a fruitful collaboration with the new university of Dr Colomo-Palacios.
The ENGINE team would like to express their gratitude towards Dr Colomo-Palacios for the cooperation as he was affiliated at UC3M and we wish him many successes in his new position in Norway! We are very happy that we succeeded with many joint events and activities and we are happy that Ricardo is strongly commited to the further collaboration with the ENGINE team.