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WT4.1 – prof. Reda Alhajj – Complex Network Analysis and Mining Researcher

Task Leader: Przemysław Kazienko, New researcher employment details: Researcher: Prof. Reda Alhajj, Uniwersytet w Calgary, Alberta, KanadaPosition: Complex Network Analysis and Mining ResearcherDuration of employment: 12MLink do artykułu: Researcher’s profile: Prof. Reda Alhajj received his B.Sc. degree in Computer engineering in 1988 from Middle East Technical University, Ankara,

WT3.9 – Workshop on Solving Classification Problems Embedded in the Nature of Data

Task Leader: Bartosz Krawczyk, bartosz.krawczyk@pwr.wroc.plENGINE research areas: A1, B1, B2 Duration: 1 day Estimated no. of participants: 20 No. of events: 1 During The World Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing (NABIC) conference. One of the main challenges for the machine learning algorithms are problems arising from the nature

WT2.11 – Uppsala University, Sweden (UU)

Task Leader: Radosław Michalski, radoslaw.michalski@pwr.wroc.plUU Coordinator: Matteo Magnani, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Interdisciplinary studies on social networks and complex networks; applications of network analysis Pre-processing and discovery of patterns from large databases Advanced classification methods, multiple classifier systems, concept

WT6.10 – Promotion of ENGINE scientific achievements via movie

Task Leader: Stanisław Saganowski, stanislaw.saganowski@pwr.wroc.plProduction of a short, high quality semi-professional movie promoting scientific achievements of the ENGINE Centre to be presented during the selected conferences, other events as well as at universities. Additionally, the promotional video will be available for general public on the ENGINE website. The video will

WT4.2 – Prof. Bolesław Szymański – Social and Cognitive Networks Researcher

Task Leader: Radosław Michalski, New researcher employment details: Researcher : Prof. Bolesław Szymański, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NYPosition: Social and Semantic Network Analysis Researcher ENGINE research areas: A2, A5, B1-B6Duration of employment: 6-12MLink do artykułu: Researcher’s profile: Professor Szymański received his M.Sc. at Faculty of Electronics and Information

WT3.10 – Workshop on Survivable Content Oriented Networking

Task Leader: Krzysztof Walkowiak, krzystof.walkowiak@pwr.wroc.plENGINE research areas: A4, B1-B6 Duration: 1 day Estimated no. of participants: 15 No. of events: 2 During conference: The International Workshop on Reliable Networks Design and Modelling (RNDM). One of the key requirements of modern computer networks is survivability. Failures of communication networks are inevitable.

WT2.12 – The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands (NIVEL)

Task Leader: Radosław Michalski, radoslaw.michalski@pwr.wroc.plNIVEL Coordinator: Robert Verheij, Twining visits aim at reinforcing the ENGINE Centre potential in the following research areas: Knowledge and experience transfer from NIVEL to WrUT in the field of activities, procedures and organization of collaboration between the research institution (NIVEL) and industry, including Dutch

WT6.9 – Organization of open days

Task Leader: Michał Woźniak, michal.wozniak@pwr.wroc.pl3 open days dedicated to various target groups: students, the society and local/regional/state administration will be organized in WrUT laboratories. The participants will have the opportunity to familiarize with the specific of work in the selected laboratories as well as to familiarize with selected researches conducted

WT4.3 – Vacancy – Computer Network Optimization Researcher

Task: Krzysztof Walkowiak, New researcher employment details: Researcher : Vacancy Position: Computer Network Optimization Researcher ENGINE research areas: A3, A4, B1-B6 Duration: 12M Researcher’s profile: The researcher should be an expert in conducting various types of research related to network optimization and content-oriented networks as well as in preparing

WT3.11 – Workshop on Application of Gaze tracking Methods in Mobile Applications Usability Verification

Task Leader: Janusz Sobecki, ENGINE research areas: A7, B3, B4, B5, B6 Duration: 1-2 days Estimated no. of participants: 20 No. of events: 2 – 2013,2014 During conference: The International Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. According to a dynamic growth of popularity of mobile

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