WT5.2 – Distributed Computing and Data Mining Laboratory

Lab Name

Distributed Computing and Data Mining Laboratory.



Wrocław University of Technology, building  C3, room 124


Laboratory manager, Contact



Lab purpose

The main objective of the laboratory is to give opportunities to the works which focus on implementation and testing efficient computer systems ideas, especially knowledge-based systems for choosing parallel processor configuration and computer systems structures, istributed computing systems dedicated for machine learning tasks, knowledge-based workload control for a category of manufacturing systems, and business intelligence solutions.


Equipment (or being planned)

Flagship of lab is IBM Pure Flex with external disk array unit with stucture as shown in figure.

The system consists of 8 general purpose computing units, 16 processor cores and 256GB RAM each. 2 units are additionally equipped with Tesla Processors

Central management system and wirtualization software are able to control whole resources.

So flexible system structure is excellent for tasks defined to be realized with.


Current works/research

Coming soon.


Planned works/research


Coming soon.


The planned development

The weak point of the set is disproportionately small capacity of disk array that provides storage space for compute nodes.

Hence, its expansion is planned.



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